About Us

This website has been produced by FAIR (Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations).

Fair was established in 2003 as a consequence of 911. Initially FAIR focused on building positive relations between the Muslimcommunity and the broader society through media, interfaith and government relations but over the past decade FAIR has been involved in working with youth and developing leadership and capacity building within the Muslim

Islamate.org.au is an initiative of FAIR, aimed at providing an engaging alternative for young people to access information about Islam. The website is the only Islamic website in Australia with direct video access to Australia’s Islamic history and the Afghan cameleer’s descendants. It also provides video information about commonly asked questions about Islam.

FAIR promotes fairness and accuracy in reporting the Islamic issues in the media, it assists journalists with their reportage and provides media training and other resources for the Muslim community. FAIR conducts leadership training both domestically across Australia and abroad. FAIR promotes fairness in society, human rights and speaks out against discrimination or any breaches against our civil liberties. It is the voice of reason in a sometimes confusing world of contradictions, misconceptions, demonization and misunderstandings.

It is a not for profit entity and aims to improve the condition of the Muslim communities across the nation.