warof error

War of Error

On 11th September 2001 the attacks on the WTC was an attack against all people, regardless of faith.  Muslims too were affected and outraged by the senseless killing. Unfortunately, the USA’s reaction was to declare a war against an unseen enemy, calling it a ‘war on terror’.

Such rhetoric is unworkable in a world where there are so many forms of violence and exploitation and in effect, terror comes in different forms and has no religious affililation.

The affects of war are horrendous for the individuals caught up in the war and the repercussions for the country usually can last for decades after a war.  While, many people can claim that some wars are necessary, no war is of any good to anyone and as global citizens we have an obligation to maintain peace and solve our differences with wisdom and dialogue.

However, some Muslim people have seen the ‘war on terror’ as an excuse to hate the USA and other western nations.  Some Muslims with their own agenda have used Islam in such a way as to promote this enmity and the aggression has manifested in such a way that has made Islam appear as an intolerant and aggressive religion.

The war on terror became a ‘war of error’ and tragically continues to this day.

A new war of error must be declared by world leaders.

They must take immediate action against corruption not religion.

They must fight poverty not promote exploitation.

They must educate the masses not leave them in ignorance.

They must provide health and security to the world’s poorest people not spread fear and instability.

That is why the error in terror is fast becoming the dominant paradigm.

As the wars continue and people are deprived of the basic needs of life such as security and safety, the world is no more safer than prior to 11th September 2001.

The reality is that wars do not solve problems only exacerbate them. Peace is the solution to our problems. We need to promote peace in the Middle East and we need to bring justice to these lands and eradicate corruption. In these countries the only way to break free from the corruption is to have access to education and freedom from poverty. Particularly in Islamic societies, the MIDDLE WAY is about helping the community and protecting its moral fabric and working towards a just and harmonious free society.