Meet An Aussie Mossie



Kuranda is the founder and executive director of the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations (FAIR) an Islamic think-tank and was editor of Fair Australia Newspaper until 2010. In 2001 he wrote and directed a documentary “Always A Visitor” for SBS television. In 2004 he was selected among the Bulletin Magazine’s SMART 100 people in Australia. He received the Pride of Australia medal in 2005.  In 2010 he made a short report for SBS TV’s Dateline current affairs program titled ‘Kyrgyzstan in Crisis’.



Amro, of Egyptian background is a graduate of the Australian National University. He is a political analyst, scholar and stand-up comedian, currently based in Sydney, Australia.



Diana is of Lebanese heritage and is a senior public servant based in Canberra. She was one of the founders of the Canberra Islamic Centre and has put on the Silk Road Islamic Concert for the past several years highlighting music and poetry from the Middle East, West and Central Asia and SE Asia. She has her own seasonal radio program and has been a respected representative for Muslim women in Australia for many years.



Amira is of Lebanese heritage based in Adelaide, she is a high school teacher and is very active supporting Muslim youth and developing leadership. She is married with four children and enjoys reading and spending time with family.



Muhammad is of Bangladeshi background and currently works as an Halal Food Inspector, he has qualifications as a food technologist and is one of the few experts on halal food accreditation in Australia. He is married with three adult children.



Yusuf is of Turkish heritage and is currently studying at the International Islamic University in Malaysia. He is very active with the Risale Nur Movement founded by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. He is also assisting young children to learn about their religion.



Silma is a convert to Islam and one of the pioneers of Islamic education in Sydney, Australia. She is also an active spokesperson for Women’s issues and other related matters on Islam.



Matuse, of Lebanese heritage, is a very popular hip hop artist based in Australia and the USA. He is also active as a role model for Muslim youth and regularly speaks at events and schools.

Stuart and Sevda


Stuart is a convert to Islam and a geo-phycisist and has been studying Sufism, an esoteric branch of Islam for many years, he has worked with the Muslim community in Australia. He is married to Sevda who is of Turkish origin and a lawyer and she has also been an active member of the Muslim community for many years. Today, they are happily living in Norway with their two children.



Mona has featured on the Afghan Cameleers section of this site. She is the daughter of an Afghan Muslim camel driver who became a hawker and married an Aboriginal girl from West Australia. Mona’s parents were persecuted by the WA government and had to flee to South Australia to legally wed and Mona grew up in a small town on the Murray River called Renmark. In later years she has become a key member of the Afghan Cameleers Descendants Association of SA and regularly promotes awareness about the Afghan cameleers. She identifies as a Muslim, although she has lost some connection with the teachings and practices over the years.