As mentioned values and morals are the cornerstone of every Muslim or believer.  Just as in any society, all people, whether Muslim or not, follow some value system. Most human values are universal and common to all people.

Islamic values are not necessarily unique, but they are clear and coherently stated through what is called shariah.

Shariah literally means the pathway to the waterhole.

Shariah is a pathway to the fullest way of life. It is essentially there to protect one’s faith and the moral fabric of society.

“Our values” is often heard in the media usually a politician or a leader talking about us and them.  But our value and your values are really the same.

Islamic values are no different from the values we place most importance on, such as honesty, respect, kindness and generosity, peace-loving, fairness, integrity, hard-working, sacrificing, looking out for each other, respecting the individual and the group, caring for the elderly and the disadvantaged, caring for the enviornment, caring for animals and having compassion.

Islam place particular emphasis on justice and the protection of the moral fabric of society, therefore, it can sometimes be misconstrued as not respecting the rights of the individual.  Although, individual rights are not denied, such as freedom of expression or freedom of conscience, the right to a fair trial and the right to freedom of belief.  Only in an Islamic state (which none exists currently), can some of these rights be suspended to protect the society. However, in general Islam says that in certain circumstances the community should be put before the individual.

Islam and social media

Social media should be used just like any media whether that be writing for a newspaper or making a video or film. We should always respectful and be conscience of the effects that one’s words can have on others.

Social media is an uncontrolled environment and one must acknowledge the risks before using it.  Muslims like other faiths have not only embraced social media they have used it to maximum effect. There are hundreds of facebook pages and twitter accounts that are being used to propagate Islam or to promote their activities or message.  For example marriage sites, games, human rights issues, news and current affairs, petitions and educational material.  There are no guarantees on social media sites and so you must always be careful, use your common sense and think twice before sending a message or making a comment.  All users should be careful about giving out personal information and maintain as much confidentiality as possible.

As Muslims we are bound by very strict rules of behaviour that includes respect, courtesy, humility, responsible citizenship, fairness and kindness.

Bullying is a big problem on social media and as Muslims I understand that in a way we some times get emotional or we don’t use our heads in certain circumstances, but always refrain from any bullying type of exchanges or posts. This includes criticising others, making threatening demands or putting someone down.  The consequences can be quite dangerous and we should maintain the ultmost self-control when sending out messages.

As Muslims we are forbidden to back-bite using social media.